Danny MacAskill Loop on Thames

Danny MacAskill added to his long list of amazing bicycle feats by performing a massive 5-metre loop-the-loop the other day. And in case that wasn’t enough, the whole stunt took place in the middle of the River Thames.

Home-made clarinets

Lindsey Pollack, the master of eccentric DIY wind instruments with some more marvellous creations. Learn how to make them from the ebook available on his website.

Slow motion melon explosion

Who would’ve thought that simply putting a small explosive inside a melon could create such magnificent results?

YouTube group dubstep beatbox

The ever-innovative Mystery Guitar Man got his followers to submit all manner of oral emissions, and then compiled them into this virtual drum machine dubstep beatbox spectacular.

NSFW: Cassetteboy vs David Attenborough

When the avuncular tones of Britain’s most venerable wildlife presenter go through Cassetteboy’s chop-shop, you know you’re in for a certain kind of poetry…